Scrap Metal & Catalytic convertors

At W Smith Scrap Metals we buy and sell both ferrous and non-ferrous metals – see below for examples.

 We are authorized by Cambridgeshire County Council for the disposal and recycling of metal waste.

A full skip and roll-on service is available. We also offer regular factory clearance of all types of scrap metal.


We buy all grades of Catalytic converters, we pay the full price of the contents inside your converter, contact us today to get a free no obligation quote.

Non-Ferrous Metals:


We purchase all grades of copper, the most common purchased grades are:

• New Copper Tubes
• Mixed Copper Scrap
• Copper Wire
• Copper Tanks
• Braizery Copper


We purchase all grades of Aluminium scrap, the most common purchased grades are: 

• Aluminium Litho Plates
• H.E.9 Section (clean & painted)
• Aluminium wheels
• Pure Aluminium Cuttings
• Baled /Rolled Aluminium
• Cast Aluminium



We purchase all grades of brass including:
• Brass Cuttings
• Brass Taps
• Brass Rod
• Gunmetal Scrap

Stainless steel

We purchase all grades of stainless steel

Lead & batteries

We purchase all types of lead and we purchase large quantities of batteries and fill in the correct environmental hazardous paperwork.

     Ferrous Metals:

        We purchase all the following scrap






                 Please call us for prices as they change every day.